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7 August 2009


Blog Layout
Well as you can see, I'm changing (yet again) the way I set out my blog. Its to keep you all on your toes (if there is anyone out there that is)...

So Friday is going to be 'Hooray!' day where I chart the weeks successes (yes, that is plural). I might also add a few lessons learnt (or failures as we used to call them) because there has to be a reason to carry on.

Monday will be the usual format of current work and what is making my creative muse happy this week maybe a writing tip or two and Wednesday will be the book review. So with that out of the way, on to the good bits...

Three Cheers For! (and remember - its 'slumbering August')

  • Short Story Through The Looking Glass edited and finalised and submitted to Writers News Last Line Competition (1700 words)

  • Manuscript All Will Be Well sent to my critique partner Nancy - I'm reviewing hers which is set in the same time and has some surprising connections with mine!

  • Renewed subscription to Write Link - a forum for writers and I now have two 'friends'

  • The second and third article (of four)submitted to Suite 101 on using MBTI for character Development

  • Three blog entries and reviw of layout

  • Three queries submitted and thought given to the next six as I have my wonderful family coming to stay next week

  • Writers Abroad meeting, challenge set and advert submitted for additional members

  • Went to the open air Opera of Madame Butterfly - fantastic - what has it got to do with writing? Potenial non-fiction article, character observations, story lines... need I say more?

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