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26 August 2009


My Tuesday blog should be a book review but as I haven't finished my book yet that's a bit difficult! Though I could give you a pretty good run down on the Book of Princesses from around the world written for girls aged 4 who dream of being kissed by a toad. Better not.

What's on My Mind?
I read somewhere that writers should write everyday (in fact I read it mostly on a daily basis) and I don't think that's bad advice. However, I do think that writers should have a holiday like all other people, what makes us think we are so special that we don't need any down time? As I try to catch up with the energy levels of a dead tortoise I find myself anxiously trying to live up to this ethic. Can I truly be a writer if I don't write something every day? Well I looked back at the days of my holiday, there isn't a single one where I haven't written something. It might be a shopping list (well there could be room for some inspiration there!). It might be a diary entry or a snippet of converstation or a 'must do'. All of these things might morph themselves into some witty prose or a dashing character or an emotional scene. One day. Anyway thats my thought for the day. What's yours?

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