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2 November 2009


Current Work: Nanowrimo ... and other things
Listening to: My fingers tapping away on this keyboard. I need to get writing my draft for Nanowrimo!
Reading: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown - can't put it down

A Writers Life is a Lonely One...
And that is why it is so important for us writers to keep in touch with other like minded folk. I got together with my online writing group, Writers Abroad, on Saturday. Following a small piece published in Writers News, we have now grown from 3 members to 7 and are very international. As well as being represented in Europe (Spain, Germany, Brussels, Italy and the UK) we also have members in USA and Thailand! I have also just received interest from a writer in Australia and a potential addition from France. We are all english speaking but live abroad where we are unable to access a 'normal' writing group for a variety of reasons. We had a great time and I learnt so much about markets, editing, the writing process, likes, dislikes and loads more. The trouble is the more international we come the more problematic it is to find a time that suits us all. But everyone is being so flexible I think we can make anything happen. So watch this space and news about my fellow authors and their successful writing.

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