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8 January 2010


Well, its hard to get back to some kind of routine when you've had some time out, however eager you may be. I'm finding this week a little hard going and keep telling myself  'next week I'll feel more normal'. Well, that's if I ever have been normal. But its been a good week for some of the group from Writers Abroad. Jill - France -(who was featured in Writers News before Xmas) has had stories accepted for a couple of markets recommended by the group and Susan - Minnesota - has had a full page in Writers Market (Feb 2010) along side the great and the good - Stephen King no less! So congratulations to them and soon hopefully, you'll be reading all about them on our site. 

Three Cheers For

So what has my difficult writing week produced?

  • A half baked short story about a witch - but I couldn't find my groove so I'm letting it stew
  • Two articles submitted to Suite 101. I've changed my tack a little this year as I want to try some other markets so am concentrating on book reviews - Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier and recipes - Spinach and Ricotta Pancakes. Enjoy!
  • One article submitted to Constant Content and accepted, now all I have to do is get it sold
  • One article submitted to The Oldie and awaiting feedback
  • Two queries submitted - non-fiction
  • All Will Be Well submitted to a literary agent who requested to see it after a short email....
  • This blog has been updated and have almost finished refreshing my websites
  • Filing for 2009 all completed and new files for this year made
  • Writing Plan for 2010 completed
And My Man Friday is currently doing the first edit of WIP The Promise - my NaNoWriMo end product ready for me to start tearing it to pieces! So a fine start once I put it all down on 'paper'. 

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