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20 January 2010


Could Pay Off
I have written to date over 100 articles which have been published on Suite 101. The pay isn't fantastic, but it helped to structure my non-fiction writing and I'm not in the position of turning my nose up to a few extra Euros in the coffers. Some of these articles are now two years old, so I have picked four of the most popular, which by the way are management type articles, and have set myself the task of revamping them and submitting them to Constant Content. This site accepts articles, you set a price and condition of use and then you wait for someone to buy them. I've read quite a bit about this site and the main message seemed to be that it took forever to get a purchase but that persistence would pay off. And this week after only my second submission of copy, I received an email to say that someone had purchased it! Well, I was chuffed as you can imagine, so its given me the motivation to keep trying. Again, its not big bucks but as they say 'look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves'. (or the Euro's will).
So never write off an article, brush it down, tart it up and seek an alternative place for it to rest for a while.

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