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27 January 2010


Is A Little Like Taking a Slow Walk
I'm afraid I can't claim the credit for this simile (is it a simile or something else, I never know...but my Man Friday will bust a gut laughing if I've made yet another Mrs Malaprop!). But whatever the fancy word maybe, the sentiment is so right. I've been editing my second novel, this is the first edit where you think 'what on earth was I thinking about when I wrote that?' I have more red pen marks than words printed and the toner on the poor printer has given up on life. But it is quite an exciting part, however tortuous it may be. For me, it is the real writing bit (though I love the freedom of just writing without thinking), the part where you really start to shape the story, kill off some characters who just don't fit (well never kill them off, put them away and bring them to life in another story) and the time when you actually read the story from start to finish. The advice I've read is to edit in big chunks of time. I don't know about you but I find that really difficult because I'm thinking so much about all the red pen marks! So small and often is my preferred method - what's yours? 
Although it feels like an insurmountable task, it actually is just part of the process but also a huge step towards the goal of publication. (I wish!). 

Oh and due to the extended deadline, I had to just get something submitted for the Haiti cause. So I cut down a long story submission down to 1000 words and have just submitted it. It's not the result that matters, it's the taking part...

Don't Think Just Write

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