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15 January 2010


Is Great For The Writing Soul!
I've just found out that one of my articles published in Writers Forum in October has had a response published in their Letters Section (February). The reader wanted to thank me for providing her with the inspiration and the confidence to write and I feel very touched that she took the time and effort. It made me think about the reasons I write. It's not just getting the words down on paper, or battling with a character or thinking of some new way to spice up some old thoughts. It is about being read, about sharing your experience, whether fact or fiction, and when you receive positive feedback on your work instead of the slap of rejection, it's good for the confidence. So thank you.

Three Cheers For - The Ups and Downs of My Writing Week
After a slow beginning, I got tough with myself and set some daily deadlines and targets. And I think they have paid off... see what you think.

  • Websites and Blogs all given a bit of a New Year dusting - have a look at Writing Pad and Louise Charles. Though I'm thinking of ditching the WP site and going for a Wordpress blog instead. Watch this space for further details.
  • Major editing and revamping of two academic articles for my Leadership in Health Services journal
  • Two Suite 101 submissions made one a book review on Charlotte Gray (a particular favourite of mine even better on the second reading) and a recipe (or two actually) Alternative Bangers and Mash.
  • A second article submitted to Constant Content which has been accepted, on Performance Management
  • Submitted the Writers Abroad challenge - 'We sat patiently...' 250 words for the Writing Magazine Win a Book Competition
  • Drafted my 500 words for the next Writers Abroad challenge for feedback, but not ready to submit it yet!
  • Submitted short story 'Summer Hat' to the Bridgehouse Open Anthology competition
  • Reviewed two other short stories for submission to competitions
  • Submitted three queries to Saga Magazine, My Weekly (Gardening) and Writers Forum
  • Blogged three times
  • Research completed (for now) on third novel set in Saxon times and character briefs completed. Hope to start the draft next week
  • Third of the way through my first edit of second novel and running out of time on my deadline...
  • Received rejection from The Oldie on my first submission for the Expat section but at least they got back to me
Phew, I'm all worn out... now back to the editing

Don't Think Just Write

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