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25 January 2010


On My Desk: 1 novel first edit, drafts of 3 short stories,1 novel in progress, two non-fiction pieces and a list of must do's for the Writers Abroad Website!

On My Reading Table: Strip Jack Naked - a Rebus novel by Ian Rankin
Listening to: Nada, the noise in my head is enough

Getting Things Done
We can be our own worst enemies sometimes. Well I can. I'm all for setting myself pretty tough targets, though I'm not so sure it is always the best way. I think the more busy I (think I) am the slopppier  I become and the more sloppier I become, the more agitated. So a promise to myself. Leave a bit of breathing space and... breathe. Hence this is a small post and to be fair, its freezing in my office, the mist has obscured most of the view from the window and I can hear My Man Friday lighting the fire... so writer will travel upwards where it's warmer with a pile of paper editing. Much more sense methinks and I'll soon be able to feel my fingers!
Don't Think Just Write

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Rob Innis said...

When the Spanish sun has a day off one of our remedies is Cola Cao - hot chocolate. It is almost worth having a short winter.