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6 March 2009


Current Work: Editing, Drafting and Admin
Listening to: The boiler - the heating has just been switched on.
Reading: Shadows in the Wind - I don't want it to end

The End of the Week
In some ways I relish Fridays. It's the end of the week and now spring is in the air. But I usually do my admin on a Friday and that means gritted teeth and a few choice words. Why? Well because it usually involves technology of some sort or another and it takes so flippin' long! I'm seriously considering going back to a manual, written record, but I don't want to be seen as some kind of Victorian writer locked in the anals of history. But some things work better, the old way. How old am I? Only a mere 46, going on 96 methinks...

Short Stories
I'm trying my hardest to get a short story published. Now I've had a little success on the non-fiction side, it's given me a little push to dip my toe in the water. But as ever, I have a problem with deadlines, which are even more of a problem if I have to post off submissions. As I live in Italy I have to post at least 5 days before and even then I'm not convinced it gets there. Not all short stories have deadlines, but you know about my procrastinating habit. But I'm a girl who gets going by the clock. As those little hands whir round to the last day and fingers fly and I manage to hit the deadline with a press of the button, but only if emailing submissions is allowed. You see, that's why I must get 'modern'.

Something for the Weekend?
Well, I hope the garden and a chat with my two granddaughters who will be 4 and 1 respectively on 8th March - International Women's day. Now thats what I call planning!

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