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25 March 2009


Current Work : Proofreading final draft of novel, starting the new one and carrying on with the one in between!
Listening to: The dog barking at a neighbour
Reading: When Will There Be Good News by Kate Atkinson - final leg, gripping!

Good Beginnings
As you know I'm completing the draft of my first novel and getting ready to submit my baby to a kindly publisher who is going to take pity on me and my novel and ...Oh No! I've just woken up from a wonderful dream.
Joking apart, I'm now proofreading the novel - I read out loud, do you? I find it helps to find the clumsy bits and typos and helps things flow better, but gives me a bit of a scratchy throat. I'm also making notes about continuity, particularly with names and as its classed as a historical (or should that be hysterical?') novel I'm also checking facts. My Man Friday has made little notes which are most useful and even drawn little diagrams... Bless. But its the beginning I need to sort out, as for me when I'm reading, the first few lines and the first chapter have to have me gripped otherwise I lose interest. And I'm not quite there yet.

Spinning the Plates
And whilst I'm trying to finish of this one, I'm trying to outline the new novel (another historical one) and continue with a lighter piece I'm writing with Man Friday. The trouble is I get honed in on one to the detriment of the other. Should I just get this one finished and come back to the others, or does working on all three help with inspiration and provide some time out? Who knows? Only time will tell.

Other Work?
Well, as you know I do try and write the odd short story, submit on-line articles to Suite 101 and put out weekly queries about potential non-fiction articles. All this 'stuff' constitutes paid (or potentially) paid work and 'allows' me to play with my novel. But we all know this isn't playing, this is serious stuff and that's why some of this has potentially been sidelined. So no Suite 101 article this week - yet.

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