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11 March 2009


Current Work: Editing (priority), non-fiction (light relief), blog (gossip)
Listening to: The news on Radio 4 - another shooting, depressing
Reading: The Fastest Way to Write Your Book by Dave Haslett

Midweek Assessment:
I'm plodding on with the first edit of my novel and regularly adding to printed scenes in an A4 folder. My Man Friday is very bravely reading them through and making very encouraging remarks. I really do value his input. (I know, I'm a soppy old thing, but it's true. He would and will be critical, I know.) W

We, and that is Louise and Charles of this relationship, are working hard on the flit lit draft. Its great fun as it is based loosely on our experiences. Its been great to revisit memories and places and then give them a bit of a literary twist to make it funnier, sadder, (though I remember it being funny and sad enough!). My Man Friday reads me out little snippets which have us rolling about in laughter and we talk about consistencies, character development and plot. It really is great writing with someone else. I must admit I was a little worried at first but its really working well. Famous Last Words? Maybe, but there you go.

I've also managed to submit my latest edition to Suite 101 about Captain Joshua Slocum, an American/Canadian writer and adventurer who sailed around world solo and disappeared at sea.

My main theme of this blog is that variety is good. Whilst I'm doing one thing, I'm mulching or developing something else in my mind. It refreshes my mind and also relieves the tedium sometimes involved in editing - searching for that word, deciding on punctuation and checking facts. I must admit I do like all parts of the writing process though. It means that no one day is ever the same as the next. It suits my nature. What about you?

The book I'm reading at the moment is a piece of inspiration I must say. And I've only read the introduction...

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