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27 March 2009


Current Work: Editing...admin and query submissions
Listening to: Birds singing, a woodpecker pecking
Reading: A Lee Child Novel (Jack Reacher series)

Friday - I'm Back!
Having missed a couple of blog entries on Fridays recently I've decided to get this one in early. I usually do it last thing, after I've got everything else done (which is a very rare state, but you know what I mean). Anyway we'll see how it pans out.

First Time Novelist
You know by now that I'm editing my first novel, and the learning process is quite fascinating. I have made lots of notes about 'Things I Would Do Differently' next time. Because there is going to be a next time, even though I've not finished this time. But I'm not going to share them here just yet. Why? Well because it could be potential submission and as I'm writing this I've made notes about putting a query together for a writing magazine. See, always thinking about potentially another way of becoming published.

Catch Up
I've tended to put other things to one side whilst I'm in the throes of editing. So I wasn't going to make time for a Suite 101 article. But sometimes its good to change hats for a while, walk about in different shoes, take on a different style. So my latest is about Giacomo Leopardi, born not far from here in an Italian town by the sea. Fascinating literary works he produced and leaflet introducing an exhibition about his works, provided lots of useful information, which I had to translate first!

And with reference to my last bit about useless facts about writers, I've lost the link and will try and find it soon. Trouble is its only a priority C in my list of actions, so gets sidelined all the time.

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