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18 March 2009


Current Work: Still editing the novel, non-fiction submission
Listening to: Bertie barking at the neighbours
Reading: When will there be good news? by Kate Atkinson

Midweek Musings
Well, I'm sticking at the editing, which if I'm honest, I am quite enjoying. I did wonder whether my preference for writing the story longhand and then doing the first edit as I transfer to the PC a bit long winded, and it is. A little like that paragraph, it goes on and on and on. But it is a useful process to use, well I think so anyway. As I re-read the longhand I read it out in my head, so I spot errors or overused words very easily. As I type, I can often find better ways to write what I want to say or sometimes find the whole thing redundant so exclude it all together. I'm sure what I have as my first draft is now much, much tighter, both in terms of characterisation and plot. I'm happy living in my little dream world, I'm sure an potential publisher wouldn't agree. Well we'll just have to wait and see on that one.

Oh and I mustn't forget, have published an article on Suite 101 about Yuri Gagarin. I and My Man Friday, were very fortunate to have been given a private tour of the Space Museum where Gagarins shuttle is kept. We were even allowed to touch it, which was pretty amazing considering the heavy 'do not' attitude in British Museums.

Resources For Writers
I may have mentioned last week, that I was reading a book about the fastest way to write your book. Well, I've read it, or skimmed through it and I would definitely recommend it as a possible book shelf reference but I do find that a lot of these publications do say the same thing. I always approach these things as if they are going to give me some secret combination that will smooth my path to writing nirvana, but that just isn't the case. Learning by doing it and writing it is the only way I am going to improve my craft and to be quite honest I don't need to spend any more money hoping to find the magic way. THERE ISN'T ONE!

And Finally...
I noticed I started this off at the beginning of March and never did again! Anyway, if I remember, I'll try and include something for the Friday slot.

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