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2 September 2009


Blog Themes
I've just spent the best half of the afternoon trying to upload a different theme for my blog, and as you can see without much success! Why oh Why do I do it? I'm now fuming that I'm running out of time to do everything I should have been doing including this blog! Oh well, no doubt I shall waste a few more hours, I've fallen in love with the template. But at the end of the day, does it matter?

Book Review

When Good Friends Go Bad by Ellie Campbell
Characters - Four old school friends, Jen, Nutmeg, Georgina and the elusive Rowan. Also appearing are old boyfriends, husbands (current and ex), old teachers, daughters and various others from the past.

Plot - Well, it's a kind of 'what would you do for your friend in need' kind of plot with lots of ups and downs and tests on friendships that were made years ago and the rekindling of the reasons that made those friendships. Also old loves that should have stayed just like that and realising who and what is important. Its a humourous and funny tale of the four girls and what has happened in their lives up to this point.

Setting - present time in various places around the UK with a particularly wonderful scene set in Wales. Together with flashbacks to their school times which so ring true.

Quick Summary - I loved it as much as I loved their first one (the author Ellie Campbell is actually two sisters) and its their characterisation which does it for me. Each friend has been a friend in the playground, each grown woman as the fears and the challenges we all face and I can just see them so clearly in my mind as I'm reading.

Recommendation - you bet!

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