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18 September 2009


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I've put one of those counters on my blog. I was just curious to see if I get any at all, as I've never once had a comment from anybody. Since I installed the counter which was about a month ago I've had 149 visitors! And not a drop of tea made. This week alone I've had 22, which is quite amazing. I wonder who you are. Don't be shy, say hello once in a while and make a struggling writers day...

Three Cheers for!
Well its the end of the week and I'm feeling pretty satisfied with myself. I seemed to have got myself finally back into the 'writing groove'. See what you think anyway. This may all change as we have the sister of our dog, Bertie, coming to stay for a week. And that means mess, walks and lots of running around my veggie patch! Emergency protection orders have been made.
  • 3000 words drafted for a chapter to be submitted to HQN competition

  • 2,500 words written for the WIP The Good Life

  • 1.250 words written - 250 per day in five minutes - on Write Everday prompts and five beginnings of a story or a chapter or a scene...

  • Two articles submitted to Suite 101, one on the great British engineer (my dad will like this one) with the amazing name of Isambard Kingdom Brunel and the second on Travelling Abroad with Diabetes

  • Three queries submitted and follow-ups made

  • Research almost finished on WIP The Promise - some of this has taken me to accounts of POW's in the area here where I live so have become a little distracted along the way...

  • Short story submitted to Writelinkers for a critique

  • Short story edited for submission to market next week

  • Writers Abroad meeting held and enjoyed

  • Editing work for publishing house completed - a Swedish paper which caused a few headaches

Ciao until next week - Happy Writings...

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