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16 September 2009


What counts as a word?
I have a conundrum. I came across a site whilst idling surfing... what? Was this identified in my timed action plan. actually it was just one of those click, oh click and then ooer lets click again type of moments. Anyway this author (and no I can't remember where after all that clicking) said that there is more to the word count than we think. Now I always thought that a word count was a simple thing. Count the number of words and eccolaqua (that's italian for voila) there is your word count. Wrong - so says said author. Apparently you have to estimate the space your novel will take when printed, i.e. how many pages it will take, how big the book would be. So the author kindly provides a formula (and hey maths is not my kind of thing) to work out your correct 'word count'? Doesn't sound like a word count to me... but this author reckoned it might be one of the reasons for rejection. Any takers?

Book Review

Around Ireland with a Fridge by Tony Hawks
This was a journey into a totally different read for me, hence I'm not going to use my usual format for reviewing the book. Its not a novel and neither is it non-fiction really. Tony Hawks is a comic, songwriter and writer generally it seems. He is a very funny man with a very distinctive voice and has been popular on TV and Radio 4. Anway one drunken night he made a bet with a mate that he could hitchhike around Ireland with a fridge as his companion. For one hundred pounds. I bet he regretted that the next morning, but give him his due, that's exactly what he did. Anyway the book is an account of this treck which he did indeed complete. It is one of the funniest reads I have read and the characters he meets come alive in your living room as he describes their reaction to his 'mate'. His trip attracted local radio coverage and the kindness and humour with which he was afforded was second to none. For me, married to man who spent most of his formative years in Ireland, Northern Ireland but is as English as they come, it was an education into the values and spirit of the Irish. They have a gift for the simple but obvious questions and replies that form the nub of so many jokes but they are so natural at it. The descriptions of the towns and countryside were also impressive, painting a picture of the country I have only seen in photographs. Because of his distinctive voice in the real world, I could really hear Tony tell his tale, a little like reading a Jeremy Clarkson book or column, you can hear his rants and raves.
This book has 135 reviews on Amazon and I can only add to what they say, you have to read this book. He's written a few more I see, but I feel a little reluctant to break the spell.

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