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4 September 2009


Werewolves and Genres
Yes, it's a full moon tonight - well over here it is so it got me thinking about werewolves and those kind of things. I've just drafted a small piece for children based on a 'writing spark' which mentioned werewolves and wobgoblins and things. I've never written a piece for kids before, probably prompted by the fact that I've had my granddaughter to stay. Feedback from my fellow writers was surprisingly positive, so I might develop it a little more.

Three Cheers For!

Its been catch up time, but that's what a writer pays for having time out. But what with a trip to the dentist this week and problems with our electricity which has caused disturbed nights I'm amazed I've got anything done. Here goes...

  • Completed my writing plan for September - I have big ambitions!
  • Published two Suite 101 articles, one on Female Aviators in WWII and the other on Critiquing Fiction - check them out by following the links
  • Caught up with my critique partner on our feedback for our novels - seems like we are both on track
  • Completed three blogs and tried to update a new theme but failed miserably, will try again
  • Drafted a short story for submission to a competition, deadline is approaching so need to get my skates on
  • Submitted a full article on Women Aviators ( a lengthier version of the above) to Best of British
  • Organsied myself a folder for my second novel WIP The Promise which included a book cover design, very simple but incredibly powerful
  • Have uploaded all chapters to date of our joint novel The Good Life onto my software. Currently stands at 30,000 words
  • Submitted 9 queries (yes thats nine), 9 follow ups and a short story for Yours Magazine (I own up that I didn't submit during the second half of August...)
So not a bad week all in all... have a good weekend.

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