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11 September 2009


Queries that Bounce
As you know, I regularly submit at least three non-fiction queries per week and have been doing so for some time now. They cover a variety of topics related to my hobbies and passions including; writing, history, gardening, health and pets. Now there is one area which I practiced at as a professional (and a fairly well paid professional) for some time before my escape to the good life. Thats the area of Human Resources and Training and Development. These queries are the least successful, indeed I've been published in all of the other categories bar this one? I wonder why that is? Maybe I don't put enough effort into the query or come across as a 'know it all'? I don't know. But the articles in this category which I publish on Suite 101 are probably the most popular? Weird isn't it? Maybe its the medium. So now I'm plotting out an Ebook with all these articles in it. Lets see what happens. The thing is I'd much rather be writing about the stuff you can make up...

Three Cheers for! (or is it Boo Hiss?)

So despite my frustration with non-fiction queries what has gone well (and not so well) in my life as a jobbing writer?

  • Fourth (maybe fifth) rejection recieved for All Will Be Well as previously noted :
    Acceptance of non-fiction piece on female aviators On a Wing and A Prayer - Best of British Magazine :)
  • Two Suite 101 articles published. The first was Grandparenting From A Distance based on a more comprehensive piece published in Overseas Living. The second was Writing Academic Papers based on my experience as Editor for Emerald Publishing
  • Short Story completed called Love Online submitted to Writing Magazine for their Love Story Competition
  • Critique completed for Writers Abroad and ongoing critique of novel for critique partner Queries, blogs and admin completed
  • Outline of first chapter for HQN competition
  • Research almost completed (well is it ever?) for WIP The Promise

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