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25 September 2009


Starting from Scratch?

I've dedicated most of this week to writing a draft chapter (5000 words) for submission to a Harlquin/Mills and Boon Competition. The driving force behind this has been that I agreed to swap chapters with a member of our online writing group. Nicola has sent me her chapter and at the time I was pulling my hair out with a re-write. Last week I'd clocked up 3000 words and thought it was sounding good. However, the gremlins got to work and by Monday I wanted to change it - as I said, didn't know the characters enough. So did I start from scratch? Nope, I actually used a bit of the beginning, none of the middle and a lot from the end of my first draft and then rewrote everything else. I just hope it reads better. I do know who my characters are now though and they will tell their own story - whether HQN like it or not. So am going to wing off my efforts to a cery patient Nicola in a moment.

Three Cheers For - the highs and lows of my week

  • Rewrite of HQN chapter - 5000 words I'm repeating myself, I know :)

  • Freewriting performed 3 days out of 5 - 750 words, not as good as last week:(

  • Began new scene in WIP The Good Life about 800 words I think, not bad :)

  • Have not looked at WIP The Promise - not good ;(

  • Two articles submitted to Suite 101 - one on a WarTime Diet which includes some fascinating facts on how rationing improved the health of the nation and one on European Day of Lanuages and how it promotes us to have a go at learning a language (and I'm an expert on one who does it badly) :)

  • Mapped outline of my first E book which I'm going to dedicate to HR practices :)

  • Hopefully by the end of the day I will have submitted three queries but have had a week of rejections :(

  • Have bored you all with my blog three times this week

Have a good weekend. We have a pups birthday bash on Sunday. My Man Friday will be reporting the event on the Casa Grotta Blog.

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