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7 September 2009


Current Work: For this week my key targets are finalising a short story for submission, writing a few thousand words for WIP The Good Life and completing research on the WIP The Promise. Also have to complete some more editing for my critque partner and Writers Abroad; Suite 101 submissions and all those other things which pop up!
Listening to: Radio 4 - A play
Reading: Just finished The Ice House by Minette Walters and haven't chosen my next...

Writers Tools
I'm a bit of a one for writers gadgets, maybe I put too much faith in them but never mind. I've just stumbled across a great little tool which helps with getting words down on paper. You know, the stuff writers should do, putting letters together, making words and hopefully making sense. Yes, you've got it - writing. Its a kind of free writing tool, you can set the time (I have set it for 5 minutes but will build up to 15 I think) and then you can set it to 'strict' so you can't type anymore after that time. Then you hit 'write' and it gives you a prompt and off you go! I'm not usually one to write straight onto the PC so its taking a bit of getting used to but its fab! You can save what you've written in word document and therefore add to your 'bank' of stuff to whip out and develop further. Here's the link, give it a go... Write Everday

Confucius Says... (Writers on Writing)

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. ~Ray Bradbury

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