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20 November 2009


Don't Think Just Write

Of Mice and Men...
Did you ever see that Eddie Izzard sketch? No? You should, it was very funny. Do mice make plans?
Anyway, I digress and must admit I'm more than a bit muddled today. Having waxed wyrical about how organised I am and how much progress I'm making with this that and another on Wednesday it has been crazy since then! An editor emailed me late on Wednesday replying to a query I submitted and needed copy by today! Anyway, needless to say with the help of My Man Friday, it has just whizzed it's way across the ether. Can do attitude is the only way if you want to be a writer.

NanNoWrimo - Weekly Update (otherwise it might get boring)
I'm very tired, and just couldn't make it to the 38k, well I could but it would have been drivel, more drivel. And this depicts me this afternoon when I turned the PC on and it took over 20 minutes to load up. The air was blue... sorry My Man Friday.

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