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11 November 2009


NaNoWriMo Cont...
My new motto, 'don't think , just write' and I'm afraid you are going to be sick to death of this by the 31st but like any other fighter, I need to keep up the anti! And yes, to my one kind commenter, Rob - tea in bed at 6.30, the delicious fresh coffee is saved until mid morning and after lunch to give me a caffeine kick!
Number of words? 19,603
State of Mind? Fairly stable - but there's plenty of time for that to change.

Book Review
Now as you can see, I'm a bit weighed down at the moment and have a one track mind - but just to say I've just finished The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. I know that it's getting quite a lot of criticism but for me I like the issues it explores, the mystery and the unknown. And my Dad was a Mason (still is I think Pa?) and he had one of those little black books written in a text I (and my brother and sisters) couldn't understand. How did we know? Well, like all children we were very good at snooping, but it was largely fed by a certain kind of secrecy. Dad was also 'crowned' Worshipful Master one year and there was a big party - who cared if we didn't know what it was all about? Anyway I found it most enlightening (and yes, father has read it and in fact it is his copy). I thought the ending went on and on and bit and some of it did seem a bit out of this world, but then again so is the concept of some white haired and white bearded kindly old man sitting up above us...

Ciao for Now

Just an update found this fab word counter from Writertopia and I've just finished my input for today!

Don't Think Just Write

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