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30 November 2009


Don't Think Just Write

Yep! Made it...
Well today is the last day of November and I am feeling a little weary but happy. I have to thank my Man Friday, who without his support, the offers to washup, cook, clean, walk the dog, in fact anything that made my day easier, I couldn't have managed this. But the thanks comes with a warning, I'm going to carry on until I've reached the end of my story which by my reckoning is another 14 days or so. So thanks Simon - you are the real star. I also must thank members of Writers Abroad, who have all given me words of encouragement along the way. So whilst things aren't quite back to normal, (were they ever normal?) I think I feel more relaxed now I know, given the focus, that I can write. (56,159 words to date...)

Happy Writing

1 comment:

Rob Innis said...

Pleasure that is what we are here for......well done Simon (I know the feeling my partner has a big project on the go, I am getting to know the supermarket staff on 1st name terms...)