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27 November 2009


Don't Think Just Write

But It's Only Just Beginning...
Well, today I reached the target - three days ahead of the deadline. Whilst I'm feeling pretty good about that (and that should be a G&T not a pint of ale!), I can't help but feel that I'm not at the end. In fact I think come 1st December I shall be at the beginning. Writing a book is the easy part, so some say and I think there is some mileage in that. It's the rewriting which produces the final product and that my writing friends, is a long way off.

Three Cheers for... it hasn't all been NaNoWrimo

  • Two articles completed for Suite 101 on characterisation using the Zodiac, this week its been the turn of Aries, the Ram and Leo the Lion.

  • Copy submited and invoiced for Overseas Living - Handy Hints for Moving to Italy

  • Copy submited to Writers Journal - on a Writing Plan for writers

  • Blogged my Blog

  • Reviewed and critqued stories and articles for fellow writers at Writers Abroad

  • Submitted short story for critique which has been fab, so that will be polished for submitting next week

And just at little lesson learnt this week, don't be afraid to follow things up. One publisher had thought I'd been published and paid, but when I chased it up, they had lost my manuscript! So just a short, polite note to keep on top of things is a good thing.

Happy Writing!

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