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13 November 2009

Don't Think Just Write

And so it goes on...

Three Cheers for! The Highs and Lows of My Writing Week
Well, what more can I say? I just don't believe it. I had a slight lull this morning when I was writing my scene synopsis. I kind of ran out of words, well they just didn't appear at all but I persevered and just wrote any old kind of rubbish. So lets hope it turns into something sensible this afternoon. But that's not all I've been doing.
  • Submitted All Will Be Well to three more agents - fingers and toes crossed
  • Submitted two more additions to my Characterisation and the Zodiac series to Suite 101 on Gemini and Capricorn
  • Will submit 6 queries this afternoon - drafted and ready to go
  • Prepared 1000 article on the Battle of Britain for Best of British submission

So all in all a satisfying week...

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