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25 November 2009


Don't Think Just Write

Chasing Rainbows?
I've just been penning an article that's been commissioned by a writing journal. Its about planning. Yes, that's right, a writers plan. I know we hate all that kind of stuff but we've been through that before. Anyway whilst I was musing over the words I've written I started thinking about the ultimate writers goal, that of publication. I know that there are some writers who write for the love it. Don't we all? But publication is perhaps the icing on the cake, the confirmation that your writing is worth reading. In the latest Writers News there was an article on a website managed by HarperCollins. I'm not going to regurgitate what it said and you can find it on page 58 if you subscribe or just follow the link to Authonomy. But in a nutshell it provides authors with the opportunity to upload and market their book for consideration by HarperCollins. I've only just started to look into the website and I'm quite tempted but as usual, there is no such thing as a free lunch. You have to read (and comment if you want) on other books which help to improve not only their chance but yours. So quite a commitment. And that's where the planning should come in. Shouldn't it?

Of course there is no guarantee (there never is) but I think you could get a lot in return. I'll let you know if I take up the challenge, but I must get these last six days of November out of the way.

Happy Writing...

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