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19 February 2010


And All That Jazz
I love and hate it with a passion. I've spent my week trying to sort out my blogs and domain names but I must admit that the process has beaten me. I've had very nice emails from my web support but you can hear a certain amount of patronisation in their reply. I've decided that the KISS principle is the best way for me to manage this beast that threatens to overtake me. Keep It Simple Stupid. And spend less time worrying about it. Use whatever makes my life simple and allows me the time to write. Which isn't I've discovered, messing about with CNames, A lists and HTML. It just leaves me cold.

And to top it all, I amended a story to submit to My Weekly following a recent blog posts where they were asking for submissions. I had to cut the original down by around 150 words, spent a lot of time making sure it reflected their style requirements, hummed and aarghed and pressed the sent button. And five minutes later had a response saying that due to the volume of submissions they weren't accepting any more! Never mind, all in the weeks work of a jobbing writer.

Check out my latest recipe on Suite 101, Chickpea and Mushroom Curry, even if you're not a veggie (and I am not) it's a great alternative to its meaty cousin.

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1 comment:

Rob Innis said...

Hi Jo, that is nearly as bad as writing a non-fiction article to see another published on the same theme!