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26 February 2010


Is One of the Best Feelings Ever
I've had a good week and I'm feeling pretty chuffed with myself (now there's the northern girl in me).
I'd made a promise to myself to start balancing out the time I spend writing fiction and non-fiction, with the hidden agenda of tipping it more towards fiction. March I have dedicated to that alone. But this week spurred on by the fast approaching end to a very short month, I have almost... almost met all my targets. By the 28th I hope I will have.
So what can I be proud of this week?

  • Submitted three short stories for competitions and anthologies (total word count of around 9k words)
  • Submitted a short descriptive piece of prose to a competition - (200 words)
  • Submitted two non-fiction articles to the New Writer (accepted!) and Writers Forum (4k words)
And I've been rejigginig my websites/blogs. Both of my website stylers have not lived up to their promises so I've switched to good old faithful blogger. Easy to use and create a good web presence and have a virtual witter with any one who happens to drop by. So check them out below:

Don't Think Just Write

Visit Writers Abroad

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