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10 February 2010


As many of you know I have been contributing to a content site, Suite 101, for some time now. This has benefited my writing in many ways. Firstly, it gave me a goal to work towards - submit one article a month, then one a week and for the last few months, two a week. So - something I could tick of my action list. Very satisfying. Secondly, it taught me how to write 'tight' articles suitable to be read on-line in a maximum of 600 words. That isn't a lot of words but it was a good lesson in how to cut out all the unnecessary ones. Thirdly, but less importantly (she says very nonchalantly - eeks an adjective!) I got paid for the articles I submitted. Not pounds (well dollars as the site is based in Canada) but every cent adds up and it has paid for things like competition entries and other non-writing based luxuries. I have to date published over 100 articles and made...not a fortune. So eighteen months later I've developed my craft, regularly submitted articles and been published (and paid). Not a bad choice then. But it does take time and I want to do other things, so I'm thinking of letting go and choosing something else.
Ideas on a postcard please...

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