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3 February 2010


Is A Good Place To Go
As you will know if you regularly visit this site, I am part of a new writing community called Writers Abroad. (See link at the end of this post). It's not so much of a new community, some of us have actually been in contact for at least 12 months now, but that's not the point of this post. We agreed that we, as a group of writers and as individuals needed to promote our on-line presence. Some of us already have blogs and/or websites but it feels good to be part of a community. It is this community, this group of people who I have never met face-to-face, who provide me with the support and motivation to keep on writing. So when I've had yet another rejection, these are the people who pick me up, dust me down and make suggestions of where else to pitch the piece. These are the people who suggest how I might enliven a character a bit more, where my point of view is becoming a bit schizophrenic and where I have not dotted my i's or crossed my t's. So this blog post is dedicated to this group and our continued future on Writers Abroad! 

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