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15 February 2010


Current Work: My main aim this week is to get a Faerie story out of my head and onto paper (and if I have to on the screen)
On My Bedside Table: Assegai By Wilbur Smith - his latest, just finished it...
Listening to: The ice starting to form around my ears - my office is freezing!

What's On Yours?
Bookshelf that is. And I mean books on writing. I can't tell you how many I've got. I'm just putting together an inventory out of pure interest. I can tell you how many I've read. Very few. So one of my 'goals' this year is to work my way through them. Last week I read Stephen King's On Writing and I've just skipped through one on 'Novel Writing' - skip being the operative word. I'm not going to go into any in-depth reviews here as I'm planning to start a new blog just dedicated to book reviews but today it really struck me. Whilst these books are interesting, informative, even educative, they only tell us about one writers way of going about 'their writing'. Whilst, I know that there isn't anywhere on this great earth that holds the 'writing secret' I do believe that we can always improve our craft and I suppose what better way than to read how other writers 'do it'. Some writers are very technical, with gadgets, widgets and all sorts of techy little programs which help them to get the words down somewhere. Others are more organic, more freestyle and allow themselves to be taken along on the shirt tails of their characters. Others are very organised, methodical and pedantic with their rituals, their lucky charms and their routines. I'm a blend of the last two. Which ever way a writer writes - it's the right way for them and in that way it is unique. I enjoy reading about the 'how to' but am always reminded of the dog eared familiar words that ' a writer has to write...' So I'm going to keep on flicking through my bookshelf, but I've made another promise, that every book I read, I'll write about it. Hence the new blog, so watch this space.

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