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22 February 2010


Writers Abroad 
We had one of our on-line chats this week and we're on the hunt for men. Our membership currently stands at ten, one of which is a man. So if you know any writers who are a)male and b)an ex pat and c) looking for a friendly writing community to find support, advice and inspiration, point them in our direction...SEE LINK AT BOTTOM OF PAGE

Must Do's This Week
I don't know about you but there never seems enough time for writing. And I spend a lot of time thinking that I am writing. Having looked at my 'must do' list this week had me in a panic. 
I have three short stories I need to polish, amend and submit to competitions by the end of this month; one short, description piece to submit, two non-fiction articles to finalise and submit; new stories to think about for March (and really I should be planning April); queries to plan (I've been a bit lax lately); continue second draft of novel no 2 and complete first draft of novel no 1 and.... I don't think I'll go on. Not sure whatever happened to February and there's only six days left. So what am I doing here then?

Don't Think Just Write

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