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12 February 2010


Morning, Afternoon or Evening?
This is a question often asked of writers. Its a strange question I think. Not one asked in a job interview for instance. Who would own up to only being effective or at their best at one particular time of the day? It just wouldn't earn any brownie points would it? But on the other hand, it's common knowledge that we all have our 'dips' where we don't do certain things well. I'm not into all that right brain, left brain stuff - too intellectual for me. I do believe however, in making my day work for me. And, I do get frustrated if I haven't had my daily dose of writing, real writing, the making it up kind of stuff. I have lived most of my life thinking I was an evening person - or a best an afternoon one. Never good at getting up in the morning, particularly in the winter. Then I found the wonders of a light box (I suffered from SAD syndrome) and since moving to Italy haven't even needed that to get me going. So now I try to do all my creative writing in the morning, if I leave it later it won't get done. That often means trying to ignore the strange magnetic pull I have to fire up the PC, check emails and the sites I like to just in case the world has changed overnight. I can do editing stuff in the afternoon and even type up drafts (those of you who know me will know I'm a longhand girl) but the making it up is more difficult post pranzo. And evening, well I find it difficult to keep my eyes open after 10pm and if I do its because I've got my nose stuck in a boom.So what's your best time? This isn't just a writer thing surely, but some of us are lucky enough to have the ability to work to our strengths and preference easier than others maybe...mustn't take if for granted.

Three Cheers For! - The ups and downs of my writing life
It's been a slow week, it's February and some lurgy thing has been hanging around so I've felt a little washed out this week. But some highlights.

  • Finally finished the first edit of The Promise and now hope to tidy it up and get it critiqued
  • Have almost reached the end of the first draft of The Good Life - hoorah!
  • Published one article on Suite 101 another recipe, Italian Baked Sea Bass
  • Sold another article on Constant Content.
  • Have drafted, editied and played about with three short stories I'm hoping to get submitted by the end of the month
  • Have submitted four queries, one of which relates turning my first novel into a serial for a women's magazine. 
  • Successfully achieved the copy deadline for the current issue of Leadership in Health Services. Although we have more articles than we ever had, it was still all of a rush to get them reviewed and ready for publication.

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