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9 March 2010

International Women's Day

A Celebration
Yesterday was International Women's Day. A day where in many places of the world, the achievements of women and the struggles they face are recognised and debated. Here in Italy it is used as an opportunity for women to be pampered, by their men and fellow women. Husbands will take time of work, look after the kids, cook, and generally make every effort to show their woman how much they love them. Very apt for the Latin man don't you think? Women will go out together for lunch, to chat and gossip and just have a bit of time out, away from their everyday life. Mimosa, is a pretty shrub with yellow flowers like tiny fluffy balls. It is the national symbol of female solidarity here in Italy and whilst out and about, I saw a sprig of it being carried by all women of all ages. 

But March 8th is also another special anniversary in our family. It is the birthday of our two grandchildren, Caitlin (5) and Ivy (2). Two girls born on the same day within different but connected families. Some coincidence. I wonder what they will contribute to the life of women as they grow up? Such a blank page waiting to be filled. A journal yet to be written. Exciting.

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