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19 March 2010


Perseverance Pays...(and with a little help from my friends)

It has been a good week. After my flush of excitement on Monday (received a copy of my short story in The Peoples Friend) the next day I had another welcome surprise. I've begun just lately, to get a little reluctant to open my in-box  for 'Louise Charles'. Nothing but rejection ever seems to be sitting there. But on Tuesday the sun shone! A short story of mine has been accepted for an open anthology which will be published by Bridge House Publishing. The email said that there had been many submissions which makes it feel all that bit sweeter, although I did spare a thought for the poor writer, like me who was poised with a finger over the 'open mail' button. All I can say to them is keep on going, keep on writing. If you enjoy it why not? Life is full of good times and not so good times and everyone gets a wee fed up at times. Okay, sometimes we get very fed up. But little steps make a long journey and sometimes its hard to keep focused on the writing. But your time will come, if your'e determined and if you love what you are doing and you do it professionally. 
This particular story had been critiqued by the group from Writers Abroad, so a word of thanks must go to them too. And if you can find yourself a writing group or at the very least someone who can comment constructively on your writing. It's worth a weight in gold.

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