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26 March 2010


Great Support for Writers
What would we do without our family and friends who provide us  with their continued support? They pick us up when we are down, tell us how good we really are when we think we couldn't string a word together, never mind a sentence. They wait without toe tapping as you just have to make a note of something that flashed into your head and don't mind your 'absence' as you people watch. They bring you hot tea, cake and a large G and T waits tinkling at the bewitching hour. Well my Man Friday does anyway, so on this Friday I'd like to say thanks. I know that not every writer has such dedicated and committed support. 
Also just in case it hits the main news, a little bird tells me that  my Dad has been reported by WH Smiths for causing a ruction in his local store - fighting through the crowd of friends he'd ordered to purchase copies of the Peoples Friend. The less said ,better. But thanks Dad too!

This Week
I have submitted two short stories and one chapter of a novel for competitions and one short story to a magazine. I have also uploaded my latest article on Condiments for Curries to Suite 101. The rest of the time I have been editing, it's a slow but necessary job, but my eyes are spinning (and no, I haven't had that drink yet - won't be long yet!

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