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10 March 2010


If You Want Your Book to be Read

Have you ever been reading a book and come across a word that makes you want to spit? I'm mean figuratively speaking that is, not wishing to be crude. I had just started a new novel by a very gifted (so I'm told) writer who is sadly now longer with us so I will endeavour to pay some respect. However, I got to about the third or maybe fourth page, just getting into the characters and the style - I've not read any of this particular author's series before but they are raved about. And I came across this word 'waitperson'. It wasn't hyphenated like the spell checker is telling me it should be. Ever heard of that term? Well I Googled it and apparently it was a word much to my disgust. I know that this is all to do with gender and being 'pc' but it's not the right word. It will never be the right word. The 'waitperson' had a gender, so they were either a waitress or a waiter for heaven's sake. Since when did we have to read such clumsy and ridiculous words just in case the alternative offends someone? And how could being a waiter or a waitress offend anyone? This in  a book where, apparently, there will be murder and mayhem. I shall never find out, for it's on my blacklist. I shall only pick it up if I'd desperate. And that will be a long time coming. 

Forgive my rant, it's now over. Why not check out my latest book review on Louise Charles?

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Rob Innis said...

Hey Jo, I am with 100% on this one - good old Word spellchecker is also very PC as well (but you can over rule it!)