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12 March 2010


The Gremlin on My Shoulder

There have been a few of us on Writers Abroad this week who have had the writing 'wobblies'. You know the feeling? When you've put everything into a submission, a short story or an article and you do so many times, every week, day in and day out. And those weeks pass by without as much as tickle of interest. You check your email box, look in the trash can - just in case - wonder if you really did send that piece off and scroll through your sent list. But nothing. That's when the writing gremlin comes and sits on my shoulder. It (for I can't believe a gremlin has a gender, though I could be wrong and doesn't it look so sweet? Don't be deceived,) whispers in my ear  - not good enough... you a writer? Humph... Why did you think that was a good story?.... You will never be published... - at this stage I usually sit back and take a few minutes out. I may sulk a little, maybe even a lot and am probably short and bad tempered with My Man Friday (who always forgives me) and I more than likely utter one or two expletives. But at the end of the week I always look back at what went well. Something must have gone well, because next week, indeed even tomorrow, I will continue to write and hope that this time things will be different... 

So my three key highlights this week are:

  • Completed and edited three short stories for submission for various deadlines this month (a total of around 10,000 words)
  • Written two book reviews on Louise Charles - check out the link on the right.
  • Submitted an article on the Battle of Britain to Suite 101 

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