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1 March 2010


Is so Frustrating!
I bragged in my blog last Friday how much writing I had achieved that week. I had got one last competition entry to submit to by the end of the month - or so I thought. So I worked on it all day Saturday (so I could have Sunday off) and at around 4pm went on-line to make the necessary arrangements. Only to find out I was too late... the competition had closed the day before - 26th February not the 28th as I had in my head. And I have a lovely leather filofax which I carry about and write all these important dates in. Helpful if you look in it to check then, I hear you say. Yep! What a numpty I am. And only myself to blame. One consolation is that I still have the story to submit to another market. So all is not lost. But deadlines are now going to be written in a week early, so that if I do get the date wrong, I have a bit of leeway... if I check the diary that is. 

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