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3 March 2010


Seasonal Factors?
Does the weather affect your writing? I'm asking the question on yet another unusually grey and wet day here in Le Marche. Like many places around the world at the moment, we seem to be experiencing odd weather systems mixed with the normal play of things. On Friday night /early Saturday morning we had such a storm that it blew open the door on the chicken coop - much to the delight of Mr Fox. We came down to a mass of feathers and no sound nor sight of our beloved 3 Degrees. We've moved on and replaced them rather quickly along with a fortified door that would defy the keenest predator. 
What is clear to me is that on a grey day, I feel grey and therefore my writing is grey. On a sunny day, I may battle with the need to be out in the garden, but I'm quite happy to allocate some time to writing and approach it with a much more positive 'tap' of the keyboard. I know that writing is like any other activity. If it needs to be done, it doesn't matter what is going on outside the window. It just seems to take more effort (well, it's always an effort but an enjoyable one), more deliberation and the continual reminder to myself that the sun will shine again and therefore so will my writing. Perhaps I should dig out my 'light box' - a great relief for grey days and stick it by my PC, along with a CD of waves breaking gently over the shore... If I close my eyes, I'm there...

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