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1 June 2009


Current Work: Research for new novel, non-fiction submissions
Listening to: The sound of the pouring rain
Reading: Wideacre by Phillipa Gregory

I'm running late...
I know, this should have been posted Friday, but well that's a different story and for another time. Needless to say Friday didn't happen for a number of reasons. So this morning is Friday for me as I catch up on what I should have done then. And tomorrow here in Italy is a Bank Holiday and being as we haven't honoured any of the BH either here or in the UK this year, we've decided to take tomorrow as a holiday. Well, to paint the bathroom and kitchen ceiling. But a day from the PC and therefore need to get five days work into four. So what am I doing 'chatting'? You may well ask. So I shan't waste another second. (maybe a couple).

Three Cheers for...

  • Latest Suite 101 article on William Pitt the Younger. I wonder what sense he would make of all the goings on at Number 10 at the moment?
  • Copy agreed for second article with Dogs Monthly 1000 words and piccies
  • Copy submitted for Writers Forum - 1700 words
  • Manuscript copy completed for proofing (well I will do one last check, then 'publish and be damned!'

Until later...

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