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26 June 2009


Current Work: Playing catch up but never getting there!
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My other half being beaten at cards by his son

Reading: Echo Burning by Lee Child (A Jack Reacher novel)

And the - things can only get better.
No, I sound very negative, but that feeling has just stayed with me this week. Next week will be better, I promise. This is a writers life and I have to get used to it, the good times and the not so good. I'm a practising optimist, I have to be! Anyway, I've had a little time out this week, so am falling a little behind of target. Sometimes though I think to step away from things is helpful. It can help you see things a little clearer and that has certainly happened for me. I've re-written my synopsis and will be sending off my precious manuscript to the next agent on the list next week. I have to keep trying and those of you who know me, will know how trying I am!

Three Cheers for...! (
There is always something positive)

  • First virtual meeting of Writers Abroad - the writing group I've put together - went ahead successfully on Monday.
  • Australian Magazine 'Wet Ink' have given me free writing space to advertise Writers Abroad
  • Outline of story set in Saxon times for a Historical Undone 'novella' now in my WIP file
  • Two articles submitted to Suite 101. Check them out here on Dementia and Memory and On-line Writing Groups
  • Three queries submitted and follow ups, followed up (have an interest in an earlier query so have provided some more information
  • Have blogged...

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