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19 June 2009


Current Work: Writing this blog, the last thing on my list...
Listening to: A mosquito buzzing round my head
Reading: Bad Heir Day by Wendy Holden

Thank God it's Friday
It feels as if it's been a long week, but I'm not sure why. Well preparing for visitors next week probably has something to do with it so I've been trying to get ahead with my writing. Not easy when you are the worlds no 1 procrastinator! I'm not sure that I've achieved it anyway.
Don't know about you but when you work from home POETS day is a bit of a misnomer.

Writing Software
I blogged some while back about researching various methods to make the process of producing a manuscript in excess of 80,000 words a little easier. I have just used MS Words master document feature, which was sort of OK but editing was a nightmare and preparing the document to send out was even worse. So I've invested in some software called Write It Now by Ravenshead Services. I spent a long time searching and it's relatively cheap - £36 - and it looks pretty comprehensive. The proof will be in the pudding so to speak...

Three Cheers for...

  • 2000 words written for WIP The Good Life
  • Two critiques completed for Writers Group
  • Website and Windows messenger set up for Writers Group - now known as Writers Abroad
  • Short Story revised for submission
  • Heaps of research done for WIP The Promise
  • Two - yes 2 - articles submitted onto Suite 101 check them out at these links Wallis, Duchess of Windsor and Setting Writing Goals
  • Work put in a few weeks ago for submissions for International Journal has paid off, now have four out for peer review
  • Queries and follow up completed

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