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3 June 2009


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A promise is a promise
Well, I'm just doing a quick catch up , only one blog last week really so, this week it's three. This is a short one.

Book Worm

Wideacre by Phillipa Gregory

Miss Beatrice, her brother Harry and others
Wideacre estate in Surrey somewhere, back in the days of Squires and Ladies - those of 'Quality'
Plot: Beatrice Lacey will do anything to gain control of her families land at a time when females were not part of the game plan.
Quick Summary: Well, the plot says it all really. This is a tale of love, passion, murder, deceit, sex, rivalry, chauvinism, feminism set in the woodlands of a country pile. Some of the most enjoyable bits are about the 'workers' who have a much better way of seeing the world as it really is.
Recommendation? I've read many of Phillipa Gregory's before including 'The Other Boleyn Girl' and found them entertaining and exciting. For me this was overlong (well in excess pf 120,000 words) and the pace sagged a little. Very unlike previous novels. Perhaps a glitch. I would still read another of hers. So that's perhaps a yes then.

Confucius says...Quotes on Writing

'Rules are fatal to the progress of art'
Marcel Duchamp

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