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5 June 2009


Current Work: Queries, Admin and Follow Ups
Listening To: My Man Friday pottering about
Reading: The Predator by Patricia Cornwall

Almost there...
Well, I think I've almost caught up! Phew. It's amazing the pressure we put ourselves under if we feel we've not done what we should have. But I suppose its not a bad trait to have really. I've just submitted another piece to Dogs Monthly which is due to be published in July. The Editor has just emailed me to compliment me on the piece and how she hasn't had to do anything with it. Not only have those very few words lifted my writing soul, they have made me realise that getting a job right first time has to be the target. I'm lucky in that I have my Man Friday who checks and offers advice and researches stuff. So get yourself a Man Friday - if I could bottle mine and sell it I would!

Three Cheers For...

  • All Will Be Well was submitted to a publisher on Wednesday. It was a funny feeling after I'd hit the 'sent' button - in fact the day after I felt a little lost. Ah well, forget about it now and on with the next.
  • Latest submission posted to Suite 101 on Helen Keller. A most remarkable woman who despite her disabilities was a prolific writer and fought for the causes of others. Made me feel quite humble.
  • Decided on way forward for our Good Life WIP. Just need to get on with it.
  • Have picked up the research for my next historical novel as it had a bit of a hiatus due to novel number one!
  • Three queries submitted and positive feedback on submission (see above!)
  • Updated my websites check them out - Writing Pad and Louise Charles

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